ACP announces OnlineMedEd mini-bootcamp for new internal medicine residents

(21 Mar 2019)  The American College of Physicians (ACP) today announced the availability of an online mini-bootcamp to help graduating medical students prepare for the mental and physical demands of their upcoming internal medicine residency programs. The six-session video series, created by digital learning provider OnlineMedEd, is free to student ACP members and accessible from ACP’s website.

The availability of ACP’s intern mini-bootcamp is timed to coincide with medical school students recently learning in which U.S. residency programs they will train for the next three years. ACP’s goal in offering the free mini-bootcamp is to support medical student graduates with the soft skills necessary for a successful internal medicine residency.

“OnlineMedEd’s Intern Bootcamp empowers medical students to proactively position themselves for success during residency by providing valuable tools and resources to help them become effective, confident residents and strong, dynamic internists,” said Philip A. Masters, MD, FACP, ACP’s Vice President of Membership and International Programs. “We’re thrilled to partner with OnlineMedEd to make this valuable content available to our membership.”

The ACP mini-bootcamp is a subset of OnlineMedEd’s popular 40-session Intern Bootcamp learning series. Subjects in the series have been hand-selected to improve understanding of essential skills. Topics include:

  • Your Usual Day: Plan your day and plan your rhythm to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Team Hierarchy: Learn the MD team hierarchy and learn your place as a resident.
  • Five Stages of Death and Dying in Residency: Learn what to expect at different points in your training and that there are people who can help, if you ask.
  • Emotional Bank Account: Codification of your relationship with every person in your life, including patients, staff, colleagues and supervisors.
  • Finite and Infinite Games: Become more effective by changing the way you see the world and the people you work with.
  • Phone Skills: Learn the proper etiquette for making phone calls, taking phone calls, and speaking to people that you don’t know.

“OnlineMedEd and the ACP share a common passion—making physicians more effective and happier on the job through exceptional educational opportunities. The new ACP mini-bootcamp, based on OnlineMedEd’s highly successful Intern Bootcamp series, is an incredible opportunity for young residents,” stated Dustyn Williams MD, internist, founder and lead educator, OnlineMedEd. “Reviewing these free online videos will ease students’ emotional and intellectual transition and enable them to hit the ground running on Day One.”

Free access to the ACP mini-bootcamp is available to ACP Medical Student Members. To learn more about the full OnlineMedEd Intern Bootcamp, go to

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