Access Dunia’s Annual Conference at the Perdana Leadership Foundation

(26 May 2014) The Access Dunia Online Conference on industry knowledge and products organized annually for AD clients, attracted the largest ever number of delegates. On 14 May more than 180 librarians and information professionals met at the Perdana Leadership Foundation in Putrajaya, Malaysia’s seat of government.

IMG_5962The morning began with a welcoming speech from the Perdana Leadership Foundation, followed by presentations from Access Dunia’s guest speakers.

They included Mr Jeffrey Trzeciak (Washington University Libraries), Dr Christina Kapp (iGroup (Asia Pacific) Ltd), Dr Wong Woei Fuh (Thomson Reuters), Puan Izlin Ahmad (Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia), Anthony Copping (Binumi) and Dr Lee Chu Keong (Nanyang Technological University of Singapore). The main topics covered content and library technology including referencing and peer review, plagiarism and the importance of reading. Is video replacing reading as a source of learning? It was posited that one minute of video equals more than one1.8 million words.


Open source and models of delivery were also touched upon with suggestions that library space should be re-purposed.  It was also revealed that the National Library of Malaysia will be replacing AACR2 with Resource Description and Access (RDA).   Speakers and papers are here. 

About the Perdana Leadership Foundation

The Perdana Leadership Foundation, chartered in 2003, supports the study of the contribution of Malaysia’s Prime Ministers to nation building accrued during their tenure. The foundation is an independent non-profit organization that operates with the support of philanthropists. It is unique in the sense that it began as an entirely private sector initiative, seed-funded and organized by private sector individuals and corporations. The foundation firmly believes that history provides a useful roadmap for the future leaders of Malaysia.

Among its facilities is the Perdana Library. Launched in 2004 by former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the library stores works related to policies, strategies and initiatives adopted by Malaysia’s past Prime Ministers. It also preserves a vast collection of data on the economic, social and political development of the nation. Through its collections the library offers a unique platform for research, and for the general public to appreciate the course taken by Malaysia’s leaders in the creation of a nation with diverse ethnic, religious and cultural elements. Learn more about the Perdana Leadership Foundation and its facilities. 

About Access Dunia 

Incorporated in July 1995, Access Dunia Sdn. Bhd. provides and promotes electronic resources including research databases, eBooks and eJournals to both the public and private sectors in Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. Access Dunia is committed to develop the skills and experience of its customers through product training and annual user group meetings. The company aims to be a one-stop shop for its information users.

In September 1999, Access Dunia joined the network of companies under the umbrella of the iGroup, a regional multinational whose key focus is the information management industry.

The conference speakers and papers are here.  Learn more about Access Dunia here.