A new version of Japanese Buddhist Art in Europe Database

Announced by Prof. Dr. Raji. C. Steineck, University of Zurich, this is a database of Japanese Buddhist art objects/ethnological material in European public collections. It was jointly built by a team put together by the Research Center of International Japanese Studies of the Hosei University Tokyo and the University of Zurich’s Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, a project funded by the Monkasho (MEXT) since autumn 2010.

The new version has 2,966 items, more than three times as many as the old version.

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JBAE:Japanese Buddhist Art in European collections / New version∥ 在欧博物館等保管日本仏教美術資料データベース[構築中:新版]

JBAE:Japanese Buddhist Art in European collections / Old version ∥ 在欧博物館等保管日本仏教美術資料データベース[構築中:旧版]

Standard Terms of Use ∥ データ使用条件

List of participating museums ∥ データ公開中博物館一覧