20th Annual Best Reviews and Notable Books & Articles in Computing

(15 April 2016) Computing Reviews (CR), an ACM/ThinkLoud publication,presents the 20th Annual Best Reviews and Notable Books & Articles in Computing. The Best Review was written by Marlin Thomas and discusses the book Alan Turing: the enigma. Read the 23 nominated reviews here: http://www.computingreviews.com/best20

In addition to Best Reviews is a list of notable books and articles in computing that were published in 2015. These 92 items were nominated by CR reviewers, CR category editors, the editors in chief of journals and others in the computing community. The list of notable items in computing is available here: http://www.computingreviews.com/recommend/bestof/notableitems.cfm?bestYear=2015  and can also be downloaded as a PDF.